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Independence in the INN

One of the best parts of summer is celebrating the Declaration of Independence! This is a day that holds historical significance to Americans, marking the birth of a nation founded on principles of freedom, liberty, and equality. The 4th of July is more than a date on a calendar; it’s a reminder of the freedoms we cherish, and the sacrifices made to secure them. Traditions that embody patriotism occur across the country all week long, giving us a chance to participate in multiple festivities throughout. What’s more American than delicious food, music, and of course fireworks? In Fountain Inn, we held our annual Fireworks Spectacular event on June 29th with over 9,000 people from all over the Upstate.

festival attendees

       In the midst of the festivities, some of our downtown restaurants and shops held sidewalk sales and specialty drinks.

For those attendees who wanted a more on-the-go type of meal, The Dial Fish Co, BBQ on the Ave., and Mac Attack offered plenty of additional options. Celebrating in the middle of summer can get hot, so there were also many frozen options to help you cool off including Rick's Lemonade, Brain Freeze, Kona Ice, and Vampire Penguin.

foam party at fireworks spectacular

We pride ourselves on hosting family-friendly events and this one was one of our most popular for all ages! The kid zone consisted of multiple kid games including Laser Tag, Soccer Dart Board, and Wack a Mole. In addition to the games were fair-friendly fare options such as cotton candy, popcorn, and funnel cakes. But the most favorited by far was the 1-hour long foam party held on Depot Street. Kids of all ages enjoyed dancing in the foam as it fell from the sky.

We love live music here in Fountain Inn and so naturally, we couldn't have a great festival without music! Concealed Damage started the show with Cravin Melon headlining until the fireworks started.

concealed damage

  Although it would be difficult to have fireworks every day, daily celebrations of our freedoms with joy and pride in our hearts, honoring the past, embracing the present, and looking forward to the future is very possible.

festival attendees

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